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Exceptional, high quality design for a gateway development

The proposed plans for two 25 storey towers have been submitted to Croydon Council with the team having given careful consideration to
the surrounding context and future development plans in the area.

The architect’s aim was for the building to rise above the surrounding city whilst maintaining a connection to East Croydon’s varied skyline.

Studies were carried out into possible roof profiles and how they may inform the overall articulation of the buildings’ design. The preferred form was a series of steps, with the highest sections forming the outer edge of the gateway, directing the eye and drawing people towards the central plaza and the station bridge link.

Creating a gateway

Create a through-route,
breaking the buildings in two
to enliven the pedestrian
experience below

Identity gateway

‘Y’ form accentuates
gateway funnel

Breaking down massing

Linking the ground floor podium
to the residential towers above
through varying elevations and
vibrant public spaces


A limited range of materials is proposed for all buildings to create visual variety and to ensure this does not complicate or conflict with the architecture
of the surrounding buildings. These materials include three types of brick, a dark bronze polyester powder for metalwork, and bronze-tinted glass for