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Cherry Orchard Gardens

The Cherry Orchard Gardens site is opposite the new Morello I development and adjacent to the Meatpackers building and the semi-detached houses
on Oval Road. The proposed development here comprises a terrace building with 7 storeys towards the north, 5 storeys to the south and 9 storeys in the
central area.

The building profile is angled, creating living rooms connecting to generous triangular balconies. Together, these provide a dynamic building profile that
also maximises privacy for both residents of the new building, as well as its neighbours. Towards the top of the building, the north and south perimeters
are set back. The staggered profile allows the building to be sensitive to the existing surroundings and provides a series of shared outdoor spaces for the
building’s residents.

As the ‘design evolution’ page shows, the layout and form of the building has changed considerably throughout the consultation in response to desires to
retain as many mature London Plane trees on the corner of Oval Road as possible.

The 67 new affordable homes proposed as part of the Morello II development will be located within this building. The new homes will be shared
ownership apartments at all floors meaning homes will be part rent, part own, to help families and individuals get onto the property ladder.